Meet the Staff

Founder & Owner


Del Seaman  

Del is a third generation artist in his family. He won his first award in art in 1952 and took it to the top of the art community with his late wife Barbara who passed away in 2008.  After graduating from FSU in 1969 he taught art at Colonial High School, Lee Middle School, Seminole Community College, Valencia Community College, and Crealde School of Art. When The Artistic Hand opened in 1990 he co-taught with Barbara Walker-Seaman and today he still teaches three of the teen/adult clay classes and employs many incredibly talented teachers for the other children, teen, and adult classes. He is a true believer and living proof that having “Art In Your Heart,” will keep your mind sharp, your body young, and your soul filled with love, peace, and the joy of living every day to its fullest. Del's main goal is to give back to the clay community whom has given him so much in his life. 









Erin Drew

Erin is currently teaching our Teen Art Wednesday class and assists with kiln firing duties as well as other tasks around the studio. Her specialties are ceramics, painting, drawing, and photography. 

Michelle Bounasr.jpg

Katie Golnik

Katie has been teaching art in the public school system for the past 12 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education at Central Connecticut State University then continued her education at Wesleyan University where she was awarded a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Her teaching career began in elementary schools, where she flourished for five years, then on to middle schools for another six. She is currently on the faculty at Seminole High School where she serves as the Intro 2D/3D teacher. She absolutely loves drawing--with a specialty in portraiture--and enjoys all types of crafts, as well.


Julie Harbers

Julie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics from UCF in 2013. She studied Japanese teabowls and Shino glazes with an emphasis on material research. Now she works on staff at the City of Orlando Pottery Studio, as well as The Artistic Hand Gallery & Studio, specializing in everything ceramic related, with a passion for cone 10 reduction firing. Her current body of work includes wheel-thrown dinnerware with layered glazes and line work. She exhibits in shows locally and internationally. 

Kathryn Jory

Art has always been an important facet in Kathryn’s life.  She earned a BA in Art History from New College of Florida and an MA in Modern Art History from Columbia University—all the while tinkering with ceramics, textiles, and fiber.  While living in New York City, she interned at Tilson Design Works, making ceramic housewares; and later, in 2007, she learned to throw from Frank Bosco at the NY/NJ Academy of Ceramic Arts.  She joins the Artistic Hand as a children’s wheel throwing instructor, and she loves being able to share her enthusiasm for pottery!



Ann Robinson

Ann has been teaching clay for over 50 years and has branched into the new field of precious metal clay where clay-like materials fire into precious metals of gold, silver, bronze and copper.  This fast evolving field allows clay artists to make new and interesting forms of metal jewelry using simple clay-forming tools which are fired in a kiln to reduce the items to their pure metal form. New metal clay formulas are appearing and are about to change the way traditional jewelry is being made. For more information on our affiliation with Ann, click here.



Jen VanderVelde

Jen joined the family at the Hand in 2008 and began working in the children's clay class since 2010. Pursuing her passion for art, culture, and humanity, she graduated from UCF in 2008, with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. She takes great joy in sharing her love of clay with young artists and strives to inspire creative confidence in her students.


Patty Ward 

We are so glad add a new member of The Artistic Hand family! Patty thinks "The Hand" rocks! She feels happy to be in a studio that focuses on smaller groups, which enables her to explore and nurture each child’s potential.  Currently, she is an art teacher at Lawton Elementary. She received her BFA in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University with her MS in Educational Leadership from NOVA University.  She is so grateful for the opportunity to help children learn and grow through art. Patty's motto:  Be Art Smart!

Preferred mediums: painting, clay, and glass. 



Jack of All Trades


Dave  Miller 

Dave has worked with The Artistic Hand Studio & Gallery on and off for over thirteen years. He has helped in the construction & repairs of the Studio and Gallery buildings. Dave also is a great potter and has had his works for sale in the Gallery. Dave is here whenever the Artistic Hand needs him! He has taught classes when needed and considers "The Hand" his home. Barbara and Del are family. The studio is Dave's creation in a way and he keeps everything alive and working at the gallery and studio. We are so grateful to have Dave as a team and family member. 


Loren Sherod

Loren is the Grand-Puh-Bah-Fix-Everything-Master at the Artistic Hand. We truly could not function without him constantly making sure things stay in tip-top & Pearl Jam Army shape! He is a continual student of our clay classes and is also a gallery artist.

Gallery Manager


Megan Jacobs

The job of Gallery Manager is has many facets: doing monthly artist sales reports, managing the website, the gallery's inventory, monthly reports for sales tax, creating layouts for advertising, creating class schedules, arranging the display of artwork, tracking daily sales and meeting with artists to keeping the gallery running smoothly, as well as using artistic abilities to assist Del as needed. Megan's list of tasks has consistently expanded since joining the hand in 2012, and we expect it to continue to do so as the Hand grows!



Teacher, Studio Manager


tyler 2.jpg

Tyler Ackom

Tyler is the Studio Manager. Visit Tyler on our artist page as he rocks! He helps in maintenance of the studio and assists with Kid's classes. Del has opened his heart and the door for Tyler & Tyler shows his gratitude! Tyler considers The Artistic Hand as his escape to create and shelter from any stormy weather he may face in life. Just recently starting to show his work in cool events like "Earth Day Birthday" & "The Abby". His work uses many mixed media techniques, and with this experience he is now co-teaching a mixed media class at the Hand. Much lies ahead for Tyler and he is just the man to take everything he does to out of this world places.