Research shows that involvement in arts education can help ensure a child's success in school and life!

At The Artistic Hand you will find the best teachers possible for your child! 

Clay is a wonderful, tactile medium that many kids have never experienced before.  Its three dimensional nature forces them to think about structure, shapes and forms. Starting at age five, children are offered a variety of six-week courses. Our classes run year-round in Clay (Hand-building or Wheel Throwing), Teen Art Wednesday, Painting & Drawing, and Advanced Drawing.

There is something very magical about children when they are thinking and working creatively. Once children learn to express and execute their personal visions in clay, they can become empowered in ways that go far beyond the walls of the ceramic studio or classroom! 

We believe that children should not be limited in finding their potential.  When they are open to new ideas and experiences, they can create ANYTHING in their lives!

In Clay Classes your child can learn work with clay in two ways (be sure you child wears clothes you're not afraid they will get dirty, because we're going to have lots of fun playing in the mud!):

Throwing on the Potter's Wheel--to make bowls, cups, and more on the potter's wheel (as pictured above).

Hand building--by building bowls, cups, and other sculptural forms by hand, your child will use their hands, imagination, and a variety of tools (as pictured below).

In our Teen Art Wednesday courses we introduce different methods and materials each week in projects that encourage teens to express themselves, to make independent choices and evaluations of their work, and to approach their art-making with a sense of fun and appreciation.

Our Painting and Drawing classes are designed exclusively as an organic playground for effective child behavioral as well as social development of the youth, partially through drawing and painting. Enhance your child's creativity with Pencil drawing, pastels, Crayons, Posters, watercolors and Acrylic. Children are encouraged to excel beyond their full potential and to develop new skills within themselves. This is because the creative and spontaneous genius lies in every kid waiting to shine. We now offer Advanced Drawing for those students ready to hone their skills in a more intense environment.

 Experience Joy, Experience Colorfulness. Experience Clay Creativity

Real kids and real creations help explore your child's imagination. As we all know, it's not logic but creativity that really makes us successful!  

Real kids and real creations help explore your child's imagination. As we all know, it's not logic but creativity that really makes us successful!  

Childrens' Classes 2017

  • Summer I: week of June 5th — week of July 10th
  • Summer II: week of July 24th — week of Aug 28th
  • Fall: week of Sept. 11th — week of Oct. 16th
  • Winter: week of Oct. 30th — week of Dec. 11th

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